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We’re going steady!

Summer is upon us and many of you are enjoying holiday mode! At Hudya, however, things are busier than ever and we’re bubbling with enthusiasm for each new day that comes. We have in fact started going steady!

If you are a regular reader of the Hudya blog then you will surely know all about our Buy & Build strategy. It’s a well-known approach in the environments we frequent and something we have lovingly renamed as Embrace & Extend.

As an ambitious company in the throes of growth, we always have our feelers out, constantly on the hunt for exciting companies like us – companies that think like us and that can help us create even better solutions for our customers.

And we definitely have a thing for FinTech, as a lot of our acquisitions this spring have shown.

Now we have found our perfect partner. A partner we have had our sights on for a while now.

Our growth continues! This time we have joined forces with the successful fintech start up Payr.

Our special someone is of course none other than Norwegian FinTech and start-up sensation Payr!

Two souls, one idea

Payr and Hudya have got a lot in common. Together, we are twice as smart, strong, quick and cool!

Like us, Payr is young (started in 2016), ambitious, passionate about simplifications, personal finances and technology, and characterised by a firm goal to become one of the world’s leading FinTech companies.

Quite simply music to our ears, and we can certainly see ourselves reflected in their mindset and ambitions.

What’s more, it’s always a smart idea to surround yourself with people who can complement you in areas where you need a little boost. And that’s exactly what we get from the enterprising gang over at Payr!

You may have already downloaded the Payr app for easier bill payments. It has already been downloaded 80,000 times since its launch. 40,000 registered users in Norway have used the app to pay bills of more than NOK one billion while also getting great tips on how to manage their personal finances.

What’s not to love?

FinTech meets content

We believe that Payr is an exciting addition to the Hudya family. Together, we have a huge arsenal of tech and resources that make us exceptionally powerful.

What we each bring to the table puts us in a unique position, with smart FinTech meeting content and huge customer bases.

When the Payr app eventually comes to communicate with the content on the Hudya platform and the technology and customer base from our acquisition of SEQR, the result will be huge synergies for all of us. We can see huge opportunities afoot, both in Norway but also internationally.

We are now ready to continue creating yet more value for our customers.

At the same time, we will continue to work hard to help make the lives of our customers even easier. We are going to improve existing solutions and create new, ground-breaking ones as well.

This merger will undoubtedly mean increased growth and faster scaling for the Hudya Group. It also gives us huge repeated cross-selling and revenue opportunities and not least entails cost savings at the group level.

So far we have already had some energetic workshops with a lot of skill around the table, and we have lots more excitement on the horizon! We are pleased to say that our investors and other stakeholders are very excited about our plans.

We have listed many exciting plans after our joint work shops with Payr.

And this is just the beginning!

Stay tuned – it’s going to be an exciting autumn!