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Look who’s talking

The Hudya platform is constantly evolving. It grows and gets smarter every day and is now able to converse and advice! But the platform development doesn’t happen by itself.

At Hudya we are ambitious with everything we build and create. We want to lead the way and make a difference, an approach we follow when:


  • our engineers develop our platform
  • we market Hudya and our services
  • we communicate with the customers in different channels
  • we pick new people to join our team

Everything we do should help our customers towards an easier everyday life, as well as saving time and money. We call it “Life, simplified”.

Smart customer dialogue

It is Pål Lauvrak, Huday’s Chief Concept Officer, who pull the strings and sets the development priorities on the Hudya platform. We had a coffee break for a technical update.

– These days we are fully committed to building our unique, innovative AI platform,  Pål says.

Pål Lauvrak, Hudya’s Chief Concept Officer, happily summarizes Hudya’s priorities for colleague Majken Svorstøl, Customer Communications Manager.

The platform base is ready and constitutes what we call Hudya’s “brain”. The brain is extremely willing to learn and has a full overview of all data available regarding our products and customers. Hudya’s engineers are working hard to utilize the brain’s capacity, and put in place a conversation-based approach to customers.

– We engage in customer dialogue at all levels, instead of the traditional way of communicating with customers through forms and one-way communication, Pål explains.

The dialogue approach makes everything easier for all parties. The customers should experience that they are talking to Hudya when ordering new products or managing their products on the platform.

– We use dialogue where it is applicable; when we collect information about the customer, obtain necessary consents or calculate savings and propose new services. All data is securely stored and can be reused in various customer dialogues. The more the brain knows about the customer, the better tips and advice it can offer. That is why we can say that we save our customers both time and money, Pål says.

Behind the innovative technology lies an intense security focus where Hudya protects the customer’s rights and privacy.

– This makes our platform very attractive, both in terms of safety, what customers can and will be able to do as the platform evolves, and how we communicate with them, Pål emphasizes.

The brain is not alone – (and we need more people!)

The engineers who build the Hudya platform make sure that the brain is getting smarter and that the core services on the platform work as planned.

Hudya already has a solid team with chief architect, developers, resources on UX and IX, etc., and the team will soon be scaled up to take care of future growth.

Hudya’s tech team: Top left Tommy Strand, Chief Architect back-end, Nåkkve Kierulf, front-end developer. Bottom left: Pablo Verano, Head of User Experience, Erlend Nilsen, Digital Acquisition Manager/SEO expert and Knut Jørgen Larsen, Head of Product Ownership.

– We have a lot of technical activities to solve in the near future, and we are looking for another skilled back-end and front-end resource as well as a UX designer, says Knut Jørgen Larsen, Head of Product Ownership in Hudya.

Knut leads the team, following the Agile methodology according to the Scrum framework. Based on a predefined backlog, tasks are prioritized before the team enters into development mode in closed, 2-week Sprints, only interrupted by daily Scrum meetings to reconcile progress and blockers. When everything is coded, all is approved and put into production.

Despite the systematic work methodology, there is always room to make changes along the way. The Agile methodology with daily status meetings allows the team to change direction.

– There is nothing carved in stone here. This dynamic working methodology fits our innovative mandate well, Knut smiles.

– When planning the progress of the platform’s technical development, it is of great advantage that we are seated close to each other in the organization. Both management, the tech resources in the operational core team, key personnel and not to mention our warm hands at customer service are all seated in Oslo, he points out.

– At Hudya we have daily chats about in which direction we are going and how we solve challenges. With our new customer service departement in Oslo, it is even easier for us to capture new ideas and needs, and pass on customer’s wishes, Pål adds.

Norway first – and then plug-in

Hudya’s platform is built according to the principle “Norway first”. Everything is tested and launched in Norway before it is rolled out to the other Scandinavian countries.

– We can test and learn in one country and implement in the other countries when the technique works as planned, Pål concludes, stressing the obvious:

– Our plug-in thinking is both efficient and resource-saving!

Stay tuned!