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Success while practicing the art of asking questions

February 1st, we reached a milestone in Hudya, celebrating 3 months as advisors and providers in the insurance market.

We experienced 90 days of hard work and constant adaptation and reorientation. New systems, new products and new employees were transformed into structure, knowledge, expertise – and many new customers!

It is exciting and challenging to be a new player in the market. Our position is especially noticeable to our skilled educators. They are buffers for everything we do.

We are so proud of them! They talk to the customers and do a great job in presenting Hudya and our insurance offer.

We are heading somewhere

Our enthusiastic leader of Hudya Distribution in Bodø, Ole Jørgen Nordbakken, reports a quarter of a year of joy, frustration – and a lot of fun!

Ole Jørgen Nordbakken is Head of Hudya Distribusjon in Bodø.
Head of Hudya Distribusjon, Ole Jørgen Nordbakken, is enthusiastic after 3 months of selling Hudya Insurance delivered by Frende.

He admits that he and the educators have had a steep learning curve.

– But that’s OK. When we ended January with all-time high, we proved that we are definitely heading somewhere!

Ole Jørgen proudly reveals the most important learning so far.

– We are practicing the art of asking questions, and we are listening carefully to the answers we get. So far, it seems like a successful start of an exciting customer experience! We in Hudya offer the customers everyday services they actually need, and we help them to find the best solution.

“We in Hudya offer the customers everyday services they actually need, and we help them to find the best solution.”

Here are some highlights from our first 90 days of selling Hudya insurance provided by Frende:

  • From November to December, the amount of customers rose 7 %.
    From December to January, these numbers rose 172%.
  • Our new insurance customers are 70% men and 30% women.
  • The average customer pays NOK 12.950 a year in insurance premium.
  • Most of our customers buy multiple insurances such as house, cabin, car, home content and travel.
  • 15% of our insurance customers also buy electricity during the conversation .
  • Our customers spread the word: The 17th of January, we received 46 references from our customers – 17 of them are converted to new insurance customers. This number is increasing.
  • The highest saving from a former insurance provider: NOK 40.000.
    The customer had NOK 120.000 in annual insurance premium from a competitor, and pays NOK 80,000 and got better coverage from us.

    Give a hand where it is needed

    We are still entrepreneurs, and everybody must give a hand where it is needed at Hudya.

    – My main skill in life is to provide insurance, and my job is to coach the educators, says Ole Jørgen.

    – In addition, I have also spent hours as a handy man, dishwasher and therapist. But I am definitely best at coaching, he laughs.